Requests for Practices, Offering for Tsog or Butterlamps and Prayer Flags

All offerings help to fulfill the two accumulations, that of increasing merit and wisdom, and purifying all obscurations.

It is possible to dedicate a practice, a ceremony, a tsog or butterlamps to remove obstacles or increase blessings for yourself or others.  You simply make a one-time or regular contribution along with a written dedication and we will read your dedication aloud in the course of the ceremony or at the time of lighting the butterlamps. If you attend the practice you may do this before we start, but it is also possible to send your dedication and offering without being present.

About Tsog Offerings

A Tsog feast is an offering for the Wisdom Beings and the Three Jewels (Buddha, Dharma, Sangha) in the context of a practice to a specific deity.   The food and substances that are selected are of the finest quality, as if you were expecting a very important guest, and are not necessarily food that you like. We make these offerings with a pure motivation and, in this context everything offered is transformed into blessings through mantra, mudra and the power of the practice.

At the end of the offering ceremony the remaining food is distributed to the Sangha and some can be taken home and given to friends and family as a blessing. Please do not throw Tsog food in the trash or feed to animals that have paws. If needed, offer it to your local wildlife.