T’hroma is the Black Wrathful Mother, the Great Mother of Compassion, and as a member of the Buddha family, one of the highest level practices in Vajrayana. Through the practice of T’hroma we find a remedy for our afflictive emotions, we cut through our ego clinging and attachment to phenomena and we awake from ignorance to recognize our own true nature; Dharmakaya.

During the practice of T’hroma we make our greatest offering, we offer our bodies to accomplish both the accumulation of merit through generosity and the accumulation of wisdom through understanding the non-reality of our physical form. This can also lead to understanding the nature of emptiness that pervades all beings.  Understanding the nature of emptiness accumulates wisdom and accomplishing the two accumulations of merit and wisdom leads to enlightenment.So the practice of T’hroma is a path capable of rendering full realization of enlightenment.


Lama Chimed has a special connection with T’hroma and a short lineage for the Dudjom T’hroma cycle of teachings.  At Lama Ling in Tibet he received the complete T’hroma cycle, including the profound teachings, from Semo Dechen Yudron, Dechen-la, daughter of Dudjom Rinpoche, who many consider an emanation of T’hroma.  He often tells stories of her kindness to him, especially after he completed a retreat in a cave on a nearby mountain (Shinsal Dripu, a cave used by Guru Rinpoche).