Tröma Drupschod 2016

Tröma Drupschod December 24th, 2016 to January 1st, 2017

with Lama Chimed as the Vajra Master

Tröma is the Black Wrathful Mother, the Great Mother of Compassion, and as a member of the Buddha family, one of the highest level practices in Vajrayana. Through the practice of Tröma we find a remedy for our afflictive emotions, we cut through our ego clinging and attachment to phenomena, and we awake from ignorance to recognize our own true nature; Dharmakaya.

Drupschod is the practice of accomplishing great offerings. During this extensive ceremony we make many types of offerings; our practice, food (tsog), substances, butterlamps, music, etc. And in the practice of Tröma we make our greatest offering, we offer our bodies to accomplish both the accumulation of merit through generosity and the accumulation of wisdom through understanding the non-reality of our physical form. This can also lead to understanding the nature of emptiness that pervades all beings and phenonmena. Understanding the nature of emptiness accumulates wisdom and accomplishing the two accumulations of merit and wisdom leads to enlightenment. So the practice of Tröma is a path capable of rendering full realization of enlightenment.

Lama Chimed has a special connection with Tröma and a short lineage for the Dudjom Tröma cycle of teachings. At Lama Ling in Tibet he received the complete Tröma cycle, including the profound teachings, from Semo Dechen Yudron, Dechen-la (daughter of Dudjom Rinpoche) who many consider an emanation of Tröma. He often tells stories of her kindness to him, especially after he completed a retreat in a cave on a nearby mountain (Chensal Drubpu – a cave used by Guru Rinpoche).

This will be the sixth Tröma Drupschod here at Dorje Chokhor Ling and Lama Chimed’s aspiration is to continue these yearly.

The Drupschod will begin at 9am on Saturday, December 24th, with a Tröma empowerment which is required for the practice. On subsequent days the ceremonies will be from 9am until 6pm with related early morning and evening practices for those that wish to attend. During the ceremonies Lama Chimed will take opportunities to teach; introducing the practice and clarifying different points. Evenings may include question and answer sessions to further clarify the practice and remove doubts to enable participants to continue practicing at home. The closing ceremonies of the Drupschod will be Sunday, 1st of january during which time we will receive the blessings and the siddhis of the practice. The drupschod is scheduled to end at noon.

Tröma and Chod texts will be available for purchase at the start of the Drupschod. A Chod drum and bell and vajra are recommended but not required. We do have Chod drums available.

Please Note;  All registrations require preapproval of Lama Chimed, even if you have attended this drupschod previously.

During the teachings of this Tröma Drupschod, Lama Chimed will divide the students into three different groups based on these requirements:

Group 1: If this is your first Tröma Drupschod; because Tröma is one of the highest level practices in Vajrayana and Lama Chimed’s main practice, he will make two requirements to receive the Tröma empowerment from him. The first requirement is you have taken a formal refuge in the Buddha. This refuge could have been done previously or can be done by Lama Chimed before the start of the Drupschod. The second requirement is the accomplishment of 100,000 of the Vajra Sattva one hundred syllable mantra using the Kathok lineage, old treasure, sadhana. An empowerment or oral transmission is required before the start of the accumulation and the accumulation must be finished before the start of the drupschod. Vajra Sattva texts are available at Dorje Chokhor Ling. (Click to register for the first time.)

Group 2: If this is your second Tröma Drupschod; if you have finished your mantra accumulations then you will receive deeper, more profound teachings and will be in the second level of teachings. If you have not yet finished your mantra accumulation then Lama Chimed encourages you to participate in the drupschod but you will remain in the first level of teachings. Advancement to higher level teachings can only happen after your accumulation is finished. (Click to register for the second time.)

Group 3: If this is your third, fourth, fifth or sixth Tröma Drupschod; If you have finished the mantra commitment you were given last year then you will advance to the next level of teachings. Each year advancement to higher level teachings follows completion of the commitment given in the previous year. If you did not finish the mantra commitment then Lama Chimed encourages you to participate in the Drupschod but you will remain in the previous level of teachings. (Click to register for the third, fourth, fifth or sixth time.)

When you register for the Drupschod, please indicate how many Tröma Drupschods you have attended in the past and if you have finished the mantra commitment you were given at the previous drupschod.

Everyone must fill in the registration information before December 15th, 2016 to receive approval to attend. (Please use the links to the right.)

Costs and Accomodations

To attend the Tröma Drupschod for the nine days and sleep at the center for eight nights we ask for a minimum offering of R$1350. Three vegetarian meals each day are included. All participants must register for the entire event as Lama Chimed will not allow partial attendance. Everyone must arrive before the empowerment begins. NOTE: If you have individual dietary restrictions, please provide your own food to accommodate your needs and understand that the kitchens will be used primarily to prepare food for everyone to share.

Sleeping accommodations are dormitory style and rooms are separated by gender. We ask everyone to bring their own sheets, towels and flashlight. If you are unable to bring your own sheets and towels, we do have a limited number of these available to use; however, a laundry fee will be added for each set (sheets, pillow case + towel) borrowed.

Registration for events at Dorje Chokhor Ling must be made beforehand, and you start the process by filling out one of the forms (links to the right) available on this website. Additional information will then be sent to your recorded email. Your registration will be validated once we have the confirmation of your bank deposit of 50% of the value (non-refundable).

Registration in advance is necessary for the planning of the event. For the participant, it allows lodging in better conditions. Please, do not leave it for the last minute.

If you choose to sleep in a pousada, we have here a partial list to help you on your search.

Tashi Delek!

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