Troma Drubchod, 2017

Troma Drubchod,  2017

Troma Drubchod from December 24th to 31st, 2017

Lama Chimed Rigdzin is the Vajra Master

Troma Nagmo

“Drubchod” is the practice of accomplishing great offerings. During this extensive ceremony we make many types of offerings; our practice, food (tsog), substances, butterlamps, music, etc. This way, we try to accomplish the two accumulations: accumulation of merit, by means of generosity, and accumulation of wisdom. Here you can find more information about Troma practice.

The Drubchod will begin at 9am on Saturday, December 24th, with a Troma empowerment, which is required for the practice. On subsequent days the ceremonies will be from around 8am until around  6pm, with a lunch break. The closing ceremonies will take place on Sunday, Dec 31st, early morning, during which time we will receive the blessings and the siddhis of the practice. The Drubchod is scheduled to end at around 2pm. A specific schedule will be made available at the occasion.

Registration must me made in advance and please note that all registrations need previous approval from Lama Chimed.

Registrations made before October 20th will have a 20% discount.

In case you have questions or need other information:

  • +55 (24) 99237-8126 (whatsapp)
  • +55 (19) 99656-5952 (whatsapp / sms)