Retreat during carnival: Drubchod of Yeshe Rabar, a treasure by Dzogchen Master Kathog Rigdzin Longsal Nyingpo

Retreat and Ceremony of Yeshe Rabar, the Fiery Blaze of Wisdom, February 2018

During the Carnival holidays, Shiwa Gonpa Dorje Chokhor Ling hosts the yearly Drubchod of Yeshe Rabar, the Fiery Blaze of Wisdom.  Lama Chimed Rigdzin is the Vajra Master.

Yeshe Rabar is an embodiment of Guru Rinpoche himself displaying immeasurable love and compassion in a wrathful form. His main and most powerful activity is to subdue and conquer the king demons. This also means to remove obstacles to the Vajrayana path. The accomplishment of Yeshe Rabar brings the realization of one’s natural state, non other than the state of Guru Rinpoche.

This is one of the main practices held by the Kathog Gonpa, which is the mother of all  the Nyingma lineage. “Yeshe Rabar, the Fiery Blaze of Wisdom” is also the most important treasure by Dzogchen Master Kathog Rigdzin Longsal Nyingpo,

When: Carnival holidays, Feb 10th to Feb 13th, 2018
Where: Shiwa Gonpa Dorje Chokhor Ling, in Visconde de Maua, Brazil. 

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Dakini Troma Nagmo Drubchod 2017

Dakini Troma Nagmo Drubchod, December 24th to 31st, 2017

Tröma and Chod texts will be available for purchase at the start of the Drubchod. A Chod drum and bell and vajra are recommended but not required. We do have Chod drums available.

Lama Chimed Rigdzin is the Vajra Master.

In case you are interested in participating of this Drubchod and this is will be your first time, please contact us on

Note that registration for events at Dorje Chokhor Ling must be made beforehand. Registration in advance is necessary for the planning of the event. For the participant, it allows lodging in better conditions. Please, do not leave it for the last minute. More info here.

Tashi Delek!

Lama Chimed’s uncle, Kathog Khenchen Sodnam Tenpa

Khenchen on flowered fieldParinirvana

On July 14th, 2017,  Khenchen Sodnam Tenpa passed into Parinirvana. He was the main tutor at Kathog University and Lama Chimed’s youngest uncle. In the days that preceded the parinirvana, he gave guidance to his disciples khenpos and tulkus in Kathog, and let them know that he would enter retreat. Read more.

Amongst the many advices and instructions that he left, there is the request that his image, his name or qualities would not be used under any pretext to generate donations. Kathog lineage holders should bear this in mind. Those who failed to fulfill this request would be breaking the lineage.