Lama Chimed has the complete Kathok lineage of practices (Nyingma School) with full authority to teach and transmit these precious lineages, however, he considers his main practice to be Tröma. Because of this, the most profound teachings that he gives are in the Tröma cycle.

Lama Chimed requests that all of his students begin their student-teacher relationship with him by contemplation and practice of the six perfections and accumulation of Vajra Sattva practice. Lama Chimed then uses personal interviews and inquiries to help him guide the student according to their level, commitment and effort. This guidance allows the teachings and practices to permeate and transform ordinary beliefs and attitudes.

When a student expresses an interest to go more deeply into the teachings they undertake practices in the Tröma cycle under the guidance of Lama Chimed. This comprehensive course of study can lead to realization of ones’ own nature. Lama Chimed works with the student in a progression of four stages. Each stage can be modified according to the level and needs of the student, as well as the student’s effort. Personal interviews and inquiries during each stage help to determine how the student is progressing.

The first stage involves the accumulation of 100,000 of the one hundred syllable mantra of the old treasure sadhana of Vajra Sattva. This commitment is a preparation for the Tröma empowerment and teachings.The subsequent stages consist of further teachings in the Tröma cycle, deeper and more profound.

Offerings to the Teacher

It is up to each student to offer what they feel is the value of the teachings they request or receive. Traditionally in Tibet, students made great sacrifices for rare teachings such as these and made the offering at the time of the request for the teaching. Now in modern times these teachings are more easily available which makes it easy to take them for granted. But still, no one can put a price tag on Dharma teachings because they are really priceless. They show us the path to set us, and all beings free, to be liberated from the suffering of samsara.

Please use your own sincere judgment in determining what these teachings are worth to you and make your offerings in the sincerest capacity without being greedy. Offering without greed is important as greed will negate the blessing. So make your offering so that you will not feel burdened.