PSTTL Association – Mission

Pal Shiwalatim Tashi Thardjeling Association (PSTTL)

Excerpt from Association Papers:

THE ASSOCIATION OF TIBETAN BUDDHISM PAL SHIWALATIM TASHI THARDJELING, PSTTL, is a civil, not-for-profit, association of philosophical and religious nature, of undetermined duration, founded on September 23rd of 2009 in the city of Resende. The goal of PSTTL is to promote the practice and study of the Buddhist philosophy in accordance with the philosophical framework, approach and methods of the Kathok lineage, in accordance with the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism.  It is essentially of non-monastic orientation but may admit monastic members.  Included in its scope are any artistic, cultural and scientific activities that are applicable to the Buddhist association goals.

PSTTL will strive through all means to develop and to provide its associates, fellow workers and visitors with activities that accommodate its institutional purpose.