Prayer Flags

Tibetans call prayer flags Thar-cho.  Mantra or prayers are written or printed on a flag and the five elements carry the blessings to all beings in all universes.

Each time the wind touches and flaps the flags, merit is dedicated to all sentient beings, with the aspiration that any being that hears or feels this wind has the blessings of the prayers and mantra.

Shiwa Gonpa has Prayer Flags of several sizes and colors, and you can make a contribution for the Gonpa and hang the sacred Flags, dedicating the merit to all beings. The Prayer Flags can be hung here at the Gonpa or in another place. We can also send them by mail to you. Contact us for more information or orders.

Prayer flags on Losar 2012

When to hang Prayer Flags

Prayer Flags can be hung any day, except on the unrecommended days.

Unrecommended days to hang Prayer Flags – Year 2017/2018 (Fire Rooster):

July: 16; 30

August: 11; 25

September: 7; 15; 21

October: 3; 14; 30

November: 10; 25

December: 7; 22

January/18: 2; 14; 17; 29

February/18: 10