Calendar for Practice

Monthly practices based on Tibetan Calendar (lunar)

  • Day 8 – 7 days before full moon – Medicine Buddha practice
  • Day 10 – 5 days before full moon – Guru Rinpoche Tsog
  • Day 15 – full moon – Rhiwo Sangchod, burnt offering ceremony
  • Day 25 – 9 days after full moon – Tröma Tsog (only open to those with Tröma empowerment)
  • Day 30 – new moon – Medicine Buddha practice

Note:  Lama Chimed prefers to perform practices to coincide with the date in Tibet (generally 11 hours ahead of Brazil time). This means that the days we practice may be one day before western calendars.


  • Open to visitors on Saturdays and Sundays, 10am to 4pm.
  • Open to Buddhist practitioners for retreat by advance registration; please contact us for further information.