Mission and Dedication

Shiwa Gonpa Dorje Chokhor Ling Buddhist Center

Lama Chimed Rigdzin, born in Tibet, came to the west in 2002. He then has come to understand how necessary it is to have a space of peace so that Buddhist practitioners from any part of the world can find the Buddhist tradition and culture from Tibet, meditate and practice to find their own Buddha Nature. Then, with the blessings from his Lama in Tibet, Lama Chimed searched and found this place of peace to plant the seeds of the Buddha Dharma. And so the Buddhist Center Shiwa Gonpa Dorje Chokhor Ling, in Visconde de Mauá/Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was born.

In addition to this, he aspires to provide an area for group practice and teachings and a location where visitors can make a connection to the Tibetan Buddhist lineage through traditional Tibetan artwork.

This land offers the experience of nature accompanied by the sound of the wind, water falls, and birds, and vast views of the hills.  This natural experience can bring the gift of peace to naturally calm the mind.

Finding the Land and Dedication

In 2009, after a six month retreat at Khadro Ling, Lama Chimed and his wife moved to a rented house in Vale do Pavão, Visconde de Mauá, where he continued half day retreats and during the next 2 months they looked for land in the area. It was after less than one month that they saw the land they finally purchased, however, the seller would not negotiate the price into what they could manage. After a few more weeks of looking at other places, one day there were rainbows, so Lama Chimed was sure he would find the right place that day. However, none of the land that day had the appropriate Tibetan astrological configuration so they ended the day not knowing why the rainbows had appeared. That same evening an e-mail was opened that had been written earlier in the day by the owner of the present land. She had agreed to sell to Lama Chimed at his price; so that explained the rainbows. Lama Chimed thinks it was the blessing of Khenpo Ngagchung that he was able to buy this land.

The entire process of finding the land and doing the necessary paperwork to purchase the land was accomplished through the help of a few very dedicated friends and the blessings of the Guru. These friends put in extraordinary effort to enable the process to continue through and around many obstacles. Lama Chimed would like to dedicate all the future virtue of this land and all the virtue from his lineage to these friends and their families as well as all sentient beings. By the power of the virtue that this retreat land will create, may all karmic debtors be repaid and all past obligations be fulfilled for the benefit of all beings.