Medicine Buddha

Medicine Buddha (Sangye Menla) is an embodiment of boundless compassion and the source of the medical arts in Buddhism. This relates to the healing of mental and physical suffering. Connecting to the Medicine Buddha through the practice, reciting the mantra or even saying the name Sangye Menla helps to acquire the potential for permanent relief of present and future suffering and illness and can intensify the effect of any medicine or therapy.

The study of medicine and healing in Tibetan Buddhism always begins with understanding the realization of wisdom or enlightened mind. Based on this understanding, we can comprehend how the mind and body expresses what we usually refer to as disease. In the Tibetan Medical perspective, the physical body has three categories of sickness coming from the three poisons of the mind; desire/attachment, ignorance and anger. These poisons of the mind, if left unchecked, can lead to negative actions and harbor negative emotions that give rise to suffering and illness. Purifying the mental and emotional causes of this suffering and illness can allow the innate healing powers inherent in the basic nature of all sentient beings to be uncovered and accessed, thus restoring the mental and physical balance. In this way, people who are sick can cure themselves and others of illnesses that are not being taken care of with medicines or medical procedures.

As with any Buddhist practice, the effects of the practice of Medicine Buddha depend on our motivation and effort. If we pray, not only for ourselves but for all beings, this practice can result in freedom from suffering, an increase in power and worth that leads to positive interactions with people, the removal of disease and poverty, and a release from the fear of death. Doing this practice will give you the blessings of all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas placing you on the path to liberation. Also, whatever location you practice in will gain the auspicious benefits of this practice and have a positive effect on the minds of others in the area.

Practicing the Medicine Buddha is highly recommended to those who undergo health issues, especially chronic ilnesses; as well as to physicians, therapists, and other health care professionals, who will, by the means of the practice, boost their healing powers.