His Teachers

Lama Chimed’s Teachers

One of the most important aspects of Tibetan Buddhism is the direct transmission of the teachings from teacher to student in an unbroken lineage. Because of this, the teacher is held with great respect and all the teachers that have taught in the line of the teachings are also held with great respect. This is why Lama Chimed feels we need to introduce his connection with his main teachers and his lineage.

In general, Lama Chimed is thoroughly trained in all aspects of the Dharma and the teachings of the Nyingma School in particular. His first teacher was his uncle, Lama Agne, who, when Lama Chimed was old enough not to need his Mother’s milk, took him to the top of the mountain to live for immersion into a practitioner’s way of life. Here Lama Chimed learned to read, learned all aspects of ritual and started his mantra accumulations.

At about age 7 Lama Chimed moved to Shiwa Lhathim Tashi Targye Ling Monastery, Lama Agne’s Gonpa in their home area, and was given monk vows by Tulku L’hoga from Kathok. There he underwent the traditional monk training for a period of many years.

Kathok College

Lama Chimed started in the first class when the college opened after a time of involuntary closing. This was a five year program under the direction of Khenpo Tsultrim Tharchin with the 5 traditional subjects; Philosophy, Arts, Astrology, Medicine and Logic; and a traditional 3 year retreat which included Dzogchen teachings from Khenpo Ngagchung. During this time he also received the complete teachings and oral transmissions of the entire Mipham Kambum as well as many other complete cycles from Khenpo Tsultrim Tharchin.

Also at Kathok he received empowerments and oral transmissions from Moktsa Rinpoche and Tulku L’hoga of the entire Kathok treasures and from the Kathok lineage of Rigdzin Dudul Dorje and Rigdzin Longsal Nyingpo. In addition, he received all empowerments and oral transmissions of the Terma and Kama of the Nyingma school from Moktsa Rinpoche; and from Khenpo Gyaltsen Odzer and Khenpo Ngagchung he received the entire Longchen Nyingtik lineage. View Kathok Diploma

Khenpo Ngagchung of Nyoshul Gonpa

Lama Chimed received Khenpo Ngagchung’s Dzogchen teachings and all empowerments and oral transmissions of the entire Longchen Nyingtik Lineage. And in 2007 Lama Chimed requested that his wife Suzanne, Tsultrim Zangmo, receive Dzogchen teachings from Khenpo Ngagchung. Both of them were able to do a 48 day retreat during which Khenpo Ngagchung bestowed oral transmissions and teachings of his previous incarnation’s books.

Long Life prayer written by Norga RinpocheIn August 2007, while at Nyoshul Gonpa in retreat, Khenpo Ngagchung reported life obstacles for Lama Chimed relating to his Lama activities. Lama Chimed’s wife subsequently requested that Khenpo Ngagchung write a long life prayer for Lama Chimed to help remove these obstacles. Khenpo Ngagchung said he didn’t write so well but he would try. One week later Tsultrim Zangmo asked if Khenpo Ngagchung had time to write something and he said he couldn’t write the prayer because he forgot Lama Chimed’s name. We all then laughed and told him ‘Chimed Rigdzin’ and he said he should have remembered this since it was the first name he gave his son when he was born. The next morning he gave us the prayer, written by his own hand in Tibetan script (u-me). But before he gave it to us he suggested he give us the lung (oral transmission) as it would give the prayer a lineage and increase the blessings.

Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok

Lama Chimed visited his monastery at Serthar/Larung Gar many times and did several retreats there.

From Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok, Lama Chimed received all empowerments and oral transmissions of the entire Longchen Nyingtik lineage including Nyingtik Yabshyi, Dzod Dun, Ngalso Korsum and the entire Chetsün Nyingtik including Tza Lung and Dzogchen.

Lama Chimed has such a profound connection with Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok that he awoke with a very significant dream at the same time as they later reported that Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok had passed into parinirvana. The dream involved Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok taking Lama Chimed’s hand and saying “I need to go”. At this point Lama Chimed awoke with great sadness and called his cousin, Khenpo Tsering Gyamtso in Chengdu. The Khenpo informed him that Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok had just died.

Semo Dechen Yudron

During one of his several pilgrimages around Tibet, Lama Chimed had the good fortune to be in Kompo Pemakot, a place where Dudjom Rinpoche had built a Guru Rinpoche Palace at one of his monasteries. This monastery, Lama Ling, was taken care of by Dechen-La, daughter of Dudjom Rinpoche, who many considered an emanation of Tröma, and her consort, Chonyid Rinpoche. Here Lama Chimed received the complete Tröma cycle from Dechen-la, including the profound teachings, during a retreat. He also received the complete Dudjom Tersar cycle empowerments and oral transmissions from them.

After his retreat time with Dechen-la, Lama Chimed told her of his plans to travel to India. She was kind enough to help him receive offerings by referring families to him that needed P’howa done for someone. This enabled him to save enough money for himself and for another monk, Sonam, from Chagdud Gonpa, to travel to India.

Minling Trichen Rinpoche

Lama Chimed received many profound teachings from Minling Trichen Rinpoche during his many years at the college in Dehra Dunn.

Also during this time he received the complete Kama from Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche and many other empowerments from the Mindroling lineage from various Lamas.

(reference letter from Lodi Gari)


Lama Chimed Rigdzin on throne