Guru Rinpoche

Guru Rinpoche is considered the second Buddha of our time. The first Buddha of our time was Shakyamuni Buddha (Born BC 952 Passed BC 872) and before he passed into perinervana he predicted the coming of Guru Rinpoche and that he would teach the Vajrayana path in the human realm. Later, in the predicted year, Guru Rinpoche was born (BC 864) in the region of Uddiyana, northwest India, in a lotus blossom from five colored rainbows which emanated from the middle of Amitabha’s tongue.

Guru Rinpoche’s life is full of amazing stories. He was a Master Yogi and manifested eight emanations to carry out various forms of activities to benefit beings. His abilities and magical powers were unrivaled. He subdued negative beings and oath bound them to benefit themselves and all beings. Debates with him were always lost with the losers realizing their errors and oftentimes turning to Buddhism in the end.

Guru Rinpoche brought Vajrayana Buddhism from India to Tibet at the invitation of the Dharma King of Tibet, Tritson Detson, in the year 814. The King had the aspiration to build a great Buddhist pureland near Lhasa but each night negative beings destroyed the construction. Guru Rinpoche, a renowned and powerful Yogi, was summoned to subdue these spirits and negative beings. In his wisdom, Guru Rinpoche knew the envoy was arriving with offerings and the invitation to Tibet, so he went to the Tibet/Nepal border to wait for them. After he accepted the invitation he advised the envoy to return to Tibet as their walking journey would take much longer than his journey, as he would fly. Then on the way to Lhasa he subdued and oath bound many negative beings.

After Guru Rinpoche oath bound all the local deities, they were in his service and the great palace of Samye was built with tremendous speed as the humans would construct during the day and the local spirits would construct at night. Later, Guru Rinpoche taught the King and his close entourage, the twenty five disciples of Guru Rinpoche. This is how he started to spread the Vajrayana teachings in Tibet, the great vehicle of the Vajrayana Secret Mantra.

During the time of Guru Rinpoche in Lhasa, he recognized a young Tibetan boy as a reincarnation of Buddha Shakyamuni’s best student, Kungawo. The King sponsored his training and this boy became Variocana, a great translator. Led by Guru Rinpoche, Variocana, other Tibetan disciples and some Panditas from India translated the entire Buddhist collection (tantras, sutras, mantras) from Sanskrit to Tibetan. Variocana later traveled to Kham and started the first retreat center that eventually developed into the first monastery in Tibet, the monastery of Kathok. Kathok University is renowned as the most important teaching institution of the Nyingma lineage and the training institution of the Dzogchen Masters Kathok Rigdzin Duddul Dorje and Rigdzin Longsal Nyingpo who were both treasure discoverers and the sources of the main practices of Kathok.

In the year 864, Guru Rinpoche felt the need to subdue beings in the cannibal realm. He departed the human realm for the realm of the cannibals and now resides there in his pureland of the “Copper Colored Mountain”.

It is important to pray to Guru Rinpoche during these current times of degeneracy. Guru Rinpoche predicted this decline and gave us many ways to supplicate his help. He has the power to help us during these negative times; the power to help with our afflictive emotions and internal and external negativities; the power to subdue negativities and avert disasters.

One of these precious prayers is the Sampa L’hundrup – O Laço de Luz da Compaixão. This prayer came as a treasure in the mind of the Maha Siddha Djalü Dodje.