Green Tara

Green Tara is referred to as the Great Mother as she is considered the Mother of all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Green Tara embodies the activity of all Buddhas and her special quality is protecting from the eight terrors* (listed below). The practice of Green Tara is also helpful to dispel the suffering and emotional turbulence of these times. All four schools of Tibetan Buddhism practice Green Tara so consequently it is one of the most frequently practiced pujas in Tibet.

* The eight terrors and the afflictive emotions they represent:

  • fear of fire (anger)
  • fear of imprisonment (avarice)
  • fear of lions (pride)
  • fear of floods (attachment)
  • fear of elephants (ignorance)
  • fear of demons (doubt)
  • fear of snakes (envy)
  • fear of robbers (wrong views)