Gesar is a son of the Victorious Ones and was born in a human body to benefit all beings in the three realms.

He was born in Kham, Golok, in Tibet, in the kingdom of Ling, near the area of the great local deity Magyal Bomra, in the earth tiger year, around 1037 years ago. Many years before this, Guru Rinpoche mentioned, in a teaching at Lhasa Samye, at the time of its building, that Gesar would come.

Gesar’s mother, named Gumo, was the daughter of the naga king Tsuna Rinchen. Guru Rinpoche profecised to her father, the king, that she was to marry Selen, the son in human form of Magyal Bomra, the powerful local deity who ruled the area where Gesar was born. Gumo, when came to dwell with the humans, brought the 12 volumes (in Tibetan language, “bum”) of Buddha Shakyamuni’s teachings given to the Nagas. Guru Rinpoche understood that Gesar needed such Father and Mother, as this specific family would be the proper support for his activity of benefit to all beings in the three realms.

So, in an auspicious day, Gumo married Selen and, on the right side margin of river Ma Chu, Gesar was born. He is the embodiment of the qualities of the Three Mountains: Manjushri – Transcendent Knowledge, Chenrezig – Love and Compassion, Vajrapani – Power. Before he was born, still in his mother’s womb, he recited the mantras of the Three Mountains: Om Wa Ki Sho Ri Mo, Om Ma Ni Ped Me Hung, Om Vajra Pa Ni Hung. Immediately after being born, he started subduing negative beings and those who cause hindrances, maras, ghosts, demons, king demons and all sort of negative manifestations. Before he became the King of Ling, he performed many amazing, wonderful deeds.

When the time was right, one of his two uncles, an emanation of Hayagriwa who was named Tro Tu, received a profecy through a dream by Hayagriwa himself, that that was the moment for a horse race, as this was the time for Gesar to rule the Kingdom of Ling. This horse race was the interdependence needed for Gesar to become the king of Ling.

He was then enthroned, and his name became Gesar, the King of Ling. The 80 Glorious Winners, his retinue, were emanations of the 80 Maha Siddhas. During his rule, Gesar subdued the 18 main demon kingdoms and others, and turned the Dharma wheel, teaching humans and other beings the basis of the path to enlightenment. By means of this activity, all countries became peaceful and harmonious, and all sentient beings were liberated from suffering.

Lama Chimed Rigdzin teaches that Gesar Dance and practice are very important at this time. This time is called the Degenerate time because, we, humans, have been engaging in negative actions and thoughts, walking the negative path. That means the degeneration is not due to the time itself, but due to the negativity amongst us, humans. This engagement in negative deeds and thoughts comes from the influence of negative local beings. For this reason, Gesar is so important, as he has the power to subdue such negativities, making peace in the world.