Future and Ultimate Projects

Future Projects

1. Fill the statues with mantras and traditional substances.

2. Statue Consecration – total of four statues but consecrations may be at different times

3. Painting Guru Rinpoche statue and roof – This requires much detail and Lama Chimed to supervise.

4. Construction of the Gesar Palace on Norbu Ritse (on the top of our land).

5. Temple roof replacement – as many of you know, the temple roof is old metal and has a tendency to spring leaks, makes it very hot inside with the sun shining on it and is very loud with raindrops falling on it.  This was such a problem during Losar ceremonies this year (2013) that participants gave offerings to start an account to replace the roof.  At this point the monetary value of the account is low but the interdependence of starting the process has led to planning for and identification of a practical solution.

6. Construction of Traditional Tibetan Gate and repairing the Gonpa’s main road – A traditional gate has always been on Lama Chimed’s list of necessities.  Increased and heavy rain this summer has made our driveway much more difficult for many types of cars so we are hoping to address this in the near future.

7. Making the Green Tara statue – she will sit on Guru Rinpoche’s left side.

8. Carving Dragons and other details  on columns of Guru Rinpoche’s roof.

9. Prayer Wheels – water, wind and manually driven – this project was started in 2011 but has not yet been completed.

10. Dormitory Construction – currently we have a small dormitory; two rooms which can sleep four people each and a third room with an attached bathroom.  During the Medicine Buddha Drupschod this year (2013) we were filled to capacity so by next year we need to come up with more rooms to house participants.

11. Reforming the back of the Temple into a small store to sell Dharma and practice items.

12. Secondary water system – As the Gonpa increases its activities and the number of people attending events increases, we have to consider expanding our water system to include our second water source, the spring on the far upper corner of the property.  In 2010 multiple leaks in our old water pipes necessitated replacing the pipes from the lower reservoir.  And in 2011 we were offered a 6,000L tank to connect with this reservoir.  Then in 2012 our new neighbors replaced their water pipe which ran from our spring to their land and in sharing this cost we obtained a “T” connector for our future use.  This connection will be for a larger water tank and pipes to supplement our increasing water usage as soon as the money is available.

13. Construction of a Vajrasattva Stupa on top of a prayer wheel building – This was one of the images that came to Lama Chimed in his first “dream” about the land.  This combination of stupa and structure to house manually driven prayer wheels is common in Tibet.

14. Finishing the Lama’s House – During the first two years the “small house” was used for visitors and retreatants.  In the winter of 2011 we were able to replace the old windows, doors and roof and extend the roof in preparation for the addition of a private interview room for Lama Chimed and new master bedroom.  This “Lama House” as we now call it is much better than it was before but is becoming too small for Lama Chimed’s many activities and private interviews.  We hope to finish the additional two rooms soon.

15. Construction of a Large Medicine Buddha statue to the north of the temple and a Large Vajrasattva statue to the east of the temple.

16. Construction of seven chalés for retreat on the private side of the land – Lama Chimed would really like to provide places for his students to do an isolated retreat.  Currently people here in retreat have restricted contact with others but true isolation is difficult since the public side of the property is accessed by workers, visitors and volunteers.  Individual chalets on the other side of the hill with restricted access would provide this retreat isolation.

17. Construction of Naga Palace – Nagas are water deities that help to fulfill all wishes, promote peace and remove obstacles to purify all disease and emotional upset.  Nagas belong to the category of local deities of which there are three levels; god deities, earth deities and water deities. In Tibet they always construct a small structure near a water source to honor Nagas and Lama Chimed has plans to do this here.

18. Construction of Stupas in the four directions – Stupas placed in the four directions surrounding the property would act as a delineation of the area of the Gonpa.

19. Alternative Energy System; solar and/or hydroelectric power.  Currently we have conservation and the environment in mind with all of our activities.  Utilizing a more natural energy source for our electric power would not only benefit the area but would free us from another monthly expense.

20.Tibetan Buddhist cultural experience for the young – Including Tibetan Art and Story Telling; One of Lama Chimed’s aspirations is to be able to work with children to broaden their cultural experiences.  He would like to be able to hold classes one or two times a month where children 15 years and under could learn some aspects of Tibetan Art, language and values.  Some of this teaching would be in the traditional Tibetan way of storytelling and some would be hands-on, working with art materials.

Ultimate Projects

– Palace of the Hundred Peaceful and Wrathful Deities

Zithow Palace – with the temple, for practicing, below.

– Huge Maitreya Buddha statue

– close to the top of our lands.