Dzambhala is the Buddha that fulfills all wishes. Doing this practice invokes gods, nagas and local deities to bring a rain of wish fulfillment. This can manifest all things royal and magnetize the five jewel treasures, including long life and prosperity.

Dzambhala Treasure Vase


A Dzambhala treasure vase contains many sacred Dharma substances, minerals from sacred locations and a variety of precious material offerings. Traditionally each Tibetan home has a vase as it is known to bring vast benefit wherever it is placed.

Not only will it bless your home or place of practice, it will also benefit the surrounding area and is believed to avert famine and natural disasters of the four elements.

Vases are traditionally covered in red or yellow cloth and the lid is tied with yarn of five colors representing the five Buddha families. Vases are placed in a respectful location in your home or on your shrine, above waist height, and should never be placed on the floor.