Current Projects

It is possible to help sponsor any of these projects.  Simply contact us. (more information)

Guru Rinpoche Area – The Guru Rinpoche Statue was the first project that Lama Chimed started soon after we moved to the Gonpa.  The body of the statue was moved from the barn to the current site in 2010 and finished soon after this.  At the end of 2012 the roof over the statue was started and the pedastals for the accompanying states, Dzambala and Green Tara, were added.  And at the beginning of 2013 Lama Kenpa was here to add the wood details to the roof and volunteers were here after Losar to put the coat of primer on the wood.

Finishing the Roof – the acabamento is now being added to the underside of the roof and the ridges on the top will be next.  Lama Chimed already made the water dragon heads for the corners and will soon start making the Vajra which will go on the very top.   After all of this the next step is painting.

Pond around statues – Lama Chimed has always wanted Guru Rinpoche to sit in a pond since he was born in “the pollen heart of a lotus” in the middle of a sacred lake.  The foundation has been prepared for this pond but we are still lacking the funds.

Finish Dzambala Statue – this statue was started by Lama Chimed in 2011 before he started teaching in other locations.  Now that he has been traveling he has not yet finished the statue.

Slide show on the Making of the Guru Rinpoche Statue

Painting the details of the temple inside and outside  – this has been an on-going project with starts and stops depending on the people we have available to help us. (Volunteers)

Organic Garden (on-going project) – our garden was flourishing in 2010 and has been neglected since 2011 due to other priorities.  When someone appears that wants to start it again, we are ready. (Volunteers)

On-going Maintenance – We always need more in this area if anyone can lend a hand. (Volunteers)

Construction of Large Song-kong near the front of the temple – This is a traditionally shaped chimney which is used for burnt offering practices such as Riwo Sangchod and Sur.