Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhist Center of the Nyingma School Visconde de Maua, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Path of Virtue; conduct in Buddhist Centers

Lama Chimed Rigdzin
Lama Chimed Rigdzin

Buddhist Centers are vegetarians, and this is why Shiwa Gonpa Dorje Chokhor Ling also is vegetarian.

The reason for not feeding oneself on meat in Buddhist Centers is that the wisdom beings, full of love and compassion for all beings, are terrified to see their own sons and daughters being slaughtered and served as a meal. So, these wisdom beings will not dissolve in the temple or in the mandala, but they will go away. Soon, more explanations.
Besides keeping from eating meat, Buddhist Centers should have the five root vows, given by Buddha himself, be watched. These five root vows consist of refraining from: killing, stealing, lying, drinking alcohol and having sexual relationships.
The Second Buddha, Guru Rinpoche, the one who spread the Vajrayana in the human realm, said about drinking alcohol: “the Vajrayana practitioner that has the same power of emanating oneself that I do can drink alcohol; he or she will be able to take 500 liters of alcohol at once.” This is why alcohol is not allowed at Shiwa Gonpa Dorje Chokhor Ling. More soon.
A cause of great negative karma which therefore must be avoided is the use of tobacco, which brings huge damage to the movement of consciousness at the time of death. This is why smoking is not allowed at Shiwa Gonpa Dorje Chokhor Ling. More soon.

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