Buddhist Center Shiwa Gonpa Sherab Ling, in Niteroi/Rio de Janeiro

Biweekly meetings for group practice

  • Manjushri practice;
  • Reading of excerpts from “Words of My Perfect Teacher”, by Paltrul Rinpoche
  • Medicine Buddha practice in turns with the Heart Sutra practice.

Address: 465 Ministro Otavio Kelly st. Icaraí, Niteroi. Group practices take place on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month from 9h30 to 11h30. We suggest you confirm using the contact info below.

Contact: psttl.niteroi@gmail.com or Whatsapp/sms to +55 (21) 99163-0501.

There are no pre-requisites or costs to participate. All are welcome

Sherab School Project

Espada Sherab

Regular meetings with the Tibetan Lama Chimed Rigdzin for study and debate of texts of the Buddhist philosophy. The text currently under study is “The Thirty-seven Practices of the Bodhisattva”, by Gyaltsen Thogmed.

The texts are sponsored and there are no costs no participate. One can make spontaneous offerings to the Lama for the teachings one has received.

Next meeting:  August 5th, 2017 – from 11h to 14h.

465, Ministro Otavio Kelly st, Icaraí, Niteroi/Rio de Janeiro.

May all benefit!