Activities and Support

Since PSTTL is a non-profit association, it depends solely on the generosity of its supporters and friends.  In addition, Lama Chimed has asked that all donations be self-inspired rather than a requirement of his students or those that visit the retreat center.  Your support is not only of great merit, but also helps perpetuate a home for your own Dharma practice and the many visions of Lama Chimed to increase the Dharma.  And the most important benefit of your support is the continuation of the Dharma center itself, enabling many people to make a connection to the Dharma and benefiting not only the area but all of Brazil and the world.

Donations can be made for specific projects, for general maintenance, expenses and upkeep of the land and buildings, or for Lama Chimed’s living expenses and health insurance.  Your donation may be made as a one-time offering or as on-going monthly support.  It is also possible to sponsor an entire project. For more information, please contact us. (Current Projects) (Future Projects)